Autumn Myers
Team Leader

“Marci is one of the most committed individuals I have ever known. She is invested in learning the processes and procedures that reach the end goal. I appreciate her dedication to the research and the little details that often go overlooked. I am comfortable brainstorming ideas with Marci and feel confident that she will follow through with any task she accepts. Marci is efficient and effective. She works to not only understand what is needed but also why. In this way, she has the whole picture and can go above and beyond in any tasks given to her. She is thorough and works well under pressure. I trust that she will adhere to guidelines and timeline while seeing a project to completion.”

Stefanie Consolla, PhD
Clinical Psychologist

“Marci is one of the most intelligent, capable professionals I’ve ever known. She is diligent, passionate, and very talented.  She constantly amazes me with her work because she has a rare combination of being incredibly detail-oriented while simultaneously keeping the big picture in mind. Her ideas are always fresh, her approach is wonderfully flexible, and I can always rely on her to completely follow through. Best of all, she wows me every time with flawless and exceptional results. Hiring Marci was one of the best things I’ve ever done.”

Alan Penn
Alan Penn & Associates, Inc.

“Marci assisted in our breast cancer research with data organization and quality control under a small business grant from the National Cancer Institute. In addition to being a diligent, hard-working, and reliable addition to our team, she was always a pleasure to work with.  I highly recommend her.”